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So many things to ponder in bear life.

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Why do I find it sexist when guys say that girls wear too much makeup


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Also this girl in my class once tried to rank people based on privileges solely based on race and gender, as if your hardships add up if you’re of color and female

My friend once pointed out that being in a social group very different from the able middle/upper class straight white male in America you don’t really “need” sociology bc those classes are kind of obvious hahhaa
Explains why some concepts need to be taught, as if some of our realities don’t exist to the ignorant
(Side note- another friend pointed out that ignorance and stupidity are two very different things. However some of us choose ignorance bc it’s easier than feeling guilt for being privileged)
But at the same time, I’ve met many who are blind to their own realities, uninformed, believing what the man tells them.

I actually get kind of sad when I listen to artists mix tapes and realize that the road to mainstream fame heavily strips them of creativity and important messages

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when you already said bye and they still talking


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Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m ugly or pretty but then again sometimes if I stare at nicki’s face I can’t tell either


Chuckie finds fathers private twerk stash.